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Important Terms & Conditions

Long-Term Motorcycle Rental

Monthly Mandatory Maintenance - Customers are only allowed to service with Rev Move. The customer also agrees to pay the monthly maintenance fee together with monthly rental (RM50 - Motorbike; RM100 - Car).
RM200 Late Service Penalty - The vehicle must be sent for monthly maintenance every 1-7th of the month. Failure to do so will be charged penalty. The company may also terminate your rental contract.
RM 100 Late Rental - Rental is due before the beginning of the next month. RM100 late rental will be charged. If the Renter fails to pay by the 5th of the month, the rental contract will be terminated (The renter is still required to pay for the entire month).
100% Liable for Damages - The Renter is responsible for all damages to the vehicle. Company insurance will not be used to cover any damages, loss or theft of the vehicle. This includes accidental damage, punctured tyre, and third-party damage. Renter may opt to purchase Rev Protect Insurance.
Traffic Summons Pay Within 7 Days - The Renter is responsible for all summons. If found that the summons is unpaid within 7 days, the company will charge a RM50 penalty extra on top of the summons.
Early Termination - Rental is based on monthly basis. If Renter return the vehicle before the completion of the month, no rental will be refunded.
Deposit Refund - Deposit shall not used to deduct any outstanding rental. Deposit shall be refunded 7-14 business day after checking for damages, summons, etc.
Valid Emergency Contact - must be valid and able to reach. The company will verify with emergency contact on the first week of rental. If not valid, the rental contract will be terminated and no refund will be given.
CTOS Black List & Legal Action - The Renter understands that failure to make payment of rentals or penalty will result in blacklist and legal action.


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